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Two Piece Child-Resistant Closure “Push Down & Turn”

The design and manufacturing improvements of the Saf- Cap™ III were combined with the robust nature of the Saf-Cap™ I to create this highly successful design which accounted for VBC’s largest growth period experienced in nearly 60 years.

“Close Tightly”, “Push Down and Turn” are on the outer rim of the outer cap. The sides of the Saf-Cap™ III-A have finer ribs than the Saf-Cap™ I and feature the Saf-Cap™ III child resistant design.

Sizes: 22mm, 24mm, 28mm, 33mm, 38mm, 45mm, 53mm, 63mm, 70mm

Contact your salesman to discuss any questions.

Construction: Pigment Polypropylene Overcap
Natural Polypropylene Innercap

FDA Status: Drug Master File #5828, type III

CPSC Status: C.F.R. Title 16, Part 1700

Lining Material: Closures are available lined with all commercially obtainable lining materials and induction innerseals.

Colors: Standard is white. Custom color matching to your specific requirement is available.

Testing: VBC has had packages utilizing various sized, styled and composition bottles with Saf-Cap™ Child-Resistant Closures tested by outside agencies. Results of these protocol tests for specific sized closures are available upon request.